Example 1

This application demonstrates Maven 2 site generation functionalities. One of the nicer features of Maven is the ability to create an internal technical web site at very little cost. Maven 2 extends this functionality, and gives you powerful new ways to generate site content...

Example 1 - Case A

Team communication is an essential part of any project. And wasting time looking for technical project information can be costly and frustrating. Clearly, any IT project will benefit from having its own dedicated technical web site. Some useful things it provides are:

  • Online javadoc
  • Quality assurance

Example 2

This is a wonderful example number 2. You can put source code here easily:

				public class ContentProducer extends MeaningsDatabase {
					private static final ContentProducer instance = new ContentProducer();
					private ContentProducer() {
					public ContentProducer(String puName) {
					public static ContentProducer getInstance(){
		    			return instance;